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Research and Projects

Research Focus

URI explores the challenges experienced by urban environments due to the stresses and strains placed upon it, specifically in Central Florida. It aims to expand its national and international connections to seek potential collaborations and increase its sphere of influence.


Current Projects

Some members of the initiative have been awarded with a multiyear NSF-funded project to leverage existing community partnerships and resources and evaluate the state-of-the-art Information Technology (IT) applications in data generation, collection, analysis and integration applied to community resilience to natural disasters at a regional level. The team will investigate the partnerships among public, private and nonprofit sector entities through the big data applications in these contexts and multiple stakeholder groups will be studied, including government officials, business operators, and nonprofits managers, particularly how they collaborate and communicate as a group to make timely and effective decisions to strengthen community resilience to natural disasters. The project builds on the expertise of an interdisciplinary team with synergistic contributions of emergency management, urban and regional planning, public administration, geographic information science (GIS), computer science, civil engineering, and operations management.

Responding to recent events, URI has also initiated dialogs and discussions to work with funding agencies and community partners to begin research projects and apply to competitive funding in high-impact challenges that urban areas across the world currently face such as the impact of COVID-19 and the health international crises in the touristic sector and the management of large influxes of environmental migrants.